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FinlandJobs provides construction and other jobs in Finland. Want to find a job in Finland? Check out our new job offers.

jobs in Finland

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Average salary in Finland

Construction sector, neto for 160h, 2022
Finland 2800€
Estonia 1390€
Latvia 1133€
Lithuania 1012€

Work in Finland - a country famous for its outstanding standard of living!

Safety Card

To work in Finland in construction sector, you’ll need an Occupational Safety Card (Työturvallisuuskortti). To get the card – you have to complete the training.

The Occupational Safety Card training provides basic information about the dangers within a working environment.

A personal Occupational Safety card is valid for 5 years.

How to get Safety Card

Online English/Russian courses can be found here:
www.savarus.fi (~117€ FIN, RUS, ENG)
www.koolitamine.ee (~95€ EST, RUS)
www.osh.lv (~105€, RUS)
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Lithuania (LIT, RUS)

+370 ... ... ... 01

Alekseijs b.

Latvia (LAT, RUS, ENG)

+371 ... ... ... 73

Marko E.

Estonia (EST, FIN, ENG)

+358 ... ... ... 46

Vitali D.

Estonia (RUS)

+372 ... ... ... 04

Ilja R.

Latvia (LAT, RUS, ENG)

+371 ... ... ... 70

Anton M.

Belarus (BEL, ENG, RUS)

+358 ... ... ... 94

4- 6
month projects
5- 6
week rotations
2 x
salary 2x per month

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