Legal requirements before starting the work

If you do not have a tax number, you cannot work on the construction site. You must have an identification card with your name, picture and tax number. Here's how to get one:

1. Sign the contract

Make a photocopy of your work contract!

2. Apply for a Finnish ID number

Download and fill out an easy form 6150e. Print it. You will later take it to a Tax Office for signing. Download here.

3. Apply for a tax number

Download and fill out a form 5042e. (We will pre-fill some of the more complicated information for you). Print it. Download here.

4. Book an appoitment with Tax Office

Make an appointment by calling 029 512 000
Tell that you are a foreigner wishing to get a tax number

5. Visit the Tax Office

Address: IHH (International House of Helsinki) Lintulahdenkuja 2 D, 00530 Helsinki
Bring a photocopy of the work contract
Bring the forms 6150e and 5042e you have filled in.
Bring your passport or ID card
Bring A1 certificate from your home country

6. Receive a work badge

Now let us know your tax number, send a photo and we will issue a work identification badge for you (Valttikortti). Construction workers must wear it at a work site. You can now start working!

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